Endorsement: Robert Santoro

I am writing this personal statement in support of Meg Heap for District Attorney.

I worked in law enforcement in Savannah-Chatham County for over ten years and, during the majority of that time, I worked closely with Meg Heap and others in her office in the prosecution of murder, sexual assault, and other violent crimes cases that occurred within our community.

In my professional career, I have not known a more sincere advocate for crime victims than Meg. I can attest that she was the primary driving force behind the progress in the investigation of Frances Campbell's murder, which ultimately provided answers and an indictment for a family that had not had answers about what happened to their loved one since the 1980s. What is not widely known is that Meg's office took on the costs of flying me out to Texas twice during that investigation for interviews with the suspect, at a time when others would not. This is merely one of countless examples of how Meg Heap and her office have helped people in the community that she serves.

Meg comes from a background of prosecuting major crimes, has abundant trial experience, and knows well what the job of being District Attorney entails. But more important than that, in my opinion, is that I've never seen her lose sight of the human aspects of any case. She keeps an open door policy with victims and law enforcement, and I often joined her during meetings with victims and victim's families, watched her actively listen to concerns, and honestly and transparently communicate her office's process and expectations. To me, this was always Meg's paramount strength.

In a world that has seemed to grow increasingly divided, she has always been willing to communicate and pursue dialogue. Meg understands that the only way to move forward is together. Divided, we all fail.

I support Meg Heap because I respect and admire her sincerity as an advocate for victims, I have witnessed her ability to do the job well, and I believe in our human capacity to move forward together. It is the only way.

Robert Santoro


Robert Santoro is a former Detective and Sergeant with the Savannah Police Department. He recently accepted a new position and moved away from Savannah.