Meg Heap Named District Attorney of the Year

Among her accomplishments cited for the award were:

  • Established the Special Victims Unit Crimes Against Women

  • Created an early notification prosecutor for domestic violence

  • Created early notification process for the Victim Witness Program

  • Created a post adjudication process to keep crime victims informed of parole information and restitution.

  • Created the Other Felony Division Diversion Program

  • Established the first full time courtroom technology engineer in Georgia on her staff

  • Driving force behind legislation requiring the state Board of Pardons and Paroles to notify prosecutors and victims when an inmate applies for parole

  • Established an officer-involved use of force review in the officer-involved shooting death of Charles Smith which allowed a citizen grand jury to review and recommend action in such cases.

Currently she is urging legislation in the 2020 General Assembly to push parole as a reward for good behavior rather than essentially awarding parole as a virtual right. Heap also serves on the executive board of the National District Attorneys Association. There she will chair the Best Practices Committee seeking innovations for D.A. offices nationwide.